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Why would you hire a PRO agency instead of an in-house PRO?

05/16/2020 / By Admin

Cost effective:

Hiring an experienced PRO service agency is much more cost effective compared to hiring an in-house PRO or freelance PRO for your business. Outsourcing PRO agency in UAE with the financial benefits of overburdening of the in-house PRO salary, gratuities, leave expenses and other miscellaneous expenditure (vehicle, fuel, RTA parking and mobile bills etc.) from the company’s accounts sheet.

Efficiency and growth

Business efficiency and growth ratio is enhanced through operations and real time PRO support for your business to collaborate with government departments of labor, municipality, immigration, and economics.

Focus on what’s important for your business

Outsourcing PRO agency act as company extensions in the government, document clearing and improving public relations to generate positive impact in the UAE. This allows the company to focus its efforts on their core business activities to ensure better result.

Time saving and reduces hassles

Time is money in every business. Hiring a highly experienced PRO agency gives the company timely report and document clearing on the targeted turnaround time which improves workflow within the organization.

Regular updates

Professional PRO agency providers make use of software systems to keep track of your employee document expiry and to keep track of all your PRO processes. Such a system guarantees the safety and transparency to track the history of all documents and will send a notification 2-months prior of expiry date, so you won’t miss any renewal updates.

No worries about fines and penalties

Professional PRO agency helps companies to stay updated regularly on renewal terms regarding government documents such as company Trade License, Establishment Card, Company Ejari & Employment Visas. Businesses may be subjected to heavy fines and penalties if they fail to operate according to UAE rules and regulations.