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Best Places to Visit in Dubai During Summer

05/16/2020 / By Admin

Summer is coming in Dubai and now it’s time to find some interesting places to visit during this summer season!

Dubai Opera for night-time attractions, look no further. Opened in mid-2016, Dubai’...

Why would you hire a PRO agency instead of an in-house PRO?

05/16/2020 / By Admin

Cost effective:

Hiring an experienced PRO service agency is much more cost effective compared to hiring an in-house PRO or freelance PRO for your business. Outsourcing PRO agency in UAE with the financial be...

Tawajudi for residents of UAE

05/16/2020 / By Admin

The UAE government has introduced a new service to help residents who need to return to the UAE in an emergency.

Tawajudi for residents allows you to confirm that you are a valid resident stuck overseas.

SandsME has ...

List of Countries Offering Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2018

10/25/2018 / By Admin

If you’re looking for a list of countries offering visa on arrival for Indians, then look no further! There was a time when planning a holiday abroad meant first having to deal with the hassle of applying for a visa. Those dreadful qu...

Professional PROs at your doorstep!

10/01/2018 / By Admin

Hire professional PROs using FastPRO mobile app to help you with your visa processing, documents clearing & other PRO services. Have no time to get your maid visa or family visa processed? Has visa renewal process changed? Create a req...

Check out our new PRO Application, easily manage all your PRO works.

/ By Admin

We have now introduced our new portal for SANDS to manage all your PRO requests, employee details and invoices.

- Dashboard displaying Visa and Emirates ID application status, government document expiry (Ejari, Trade License...