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Corporate PRO Services

Sands ME has a proven method to handle Big Corporates PRO process. If you are company with 50, 100, 1000+ employees, then you have landed on the right page. The fact is, most of the companies who have a big employee strength doesn’t have a planned PRO process, so the companies hire outsourced PRO companies, still they do have complaints of non-standards.
The PRO process is very simple, if you have a planned PRO process then you will never going to have any pending works and other confusions.
We do have a great package which is affordable based on the employees count, our planned PRO process includes renewal reminder as we have a PRO software system which gives an upcoming reminder for all the visa, passport and Emirates ID. The Corporate PRO services covers not only for your employees, it covers the Family Visas, Maid visas, Driver visas, Tourist visas, Business visas etc.,
Sands Middle East not only does PRO services we also educate our clients with basic immigration rules and our clients really love working with us for our friendly approach.

Please contact us to get the Corporate PRO services for your company, Call: +971-4- 3686434, send us a quick enquiry to info@sandsme.com