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Visa Cancellation

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Employment visa cancellation:

Once the employee quits the job, her or his visa should be cancelled for Mainland companies. And for free zones transfer can be done. First step will be labour cancellation, where the labour card will be cancelled first followed by visa cancellation. As per the UAE labour law the Employee should provide a relieving request 1 month prior to leaving the company. The cancellation settlement letter or relieving letter should be signed by both employee and employer stating that all the payments and salary till date was settled. Once the visa is cancelled the candidate would have 22 business days or 30 days’ time to exit the country or change the status inside the country.

Required documents for employment visa cancellation:


Spouse / Family / Maid Visa cancellation:

For these categories, the visa can be cancelled by the sponsor irrespective of their presence inside the country. This cancellation has two types inside and outside country cancellation.

Required documents:


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