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Best Places to Visit in Dubai During Summer

Thursday, 04, May, 2023

Summer is coming in Dubai and now it’s time to find some interesting places to visit during this summer season!

Dubai Opera for night-time attractions, look n...

Why would you hire a PRO agency instead of an in-house PRO?

Sunday, 19, March, 2023

Cost effective:

Hiring an experienced PRO service agency is much more cost effective compared to hiring an in-house PRO or freelance PRO for your business. Outsourcing PRO agency in UAE with the finan...

Professional PROs at your doorstep!

Monday, 23, January, 2023

Hire professional PROs using FastPRO mobile app to help you with your visa processing, documents clearing & other PRO services. Have no time to get your maid visa or family vis...

Check out our new PRO Application, easily manage all your PRO works.

Tuesday, 06, December, 2022

We have now introduced our new portal for SANDS to manage all your PRO requests, employee details and invoices.

- Dashboard displaying Visa and Emirates ID application status, gov...

Tawajudi for residents of UAE

Saturday, 05, November, 2022

The UAE government has introduced a new service to help residents who need to return to the UAE in an emergency.

Tawajudi for residents allows you to confirm that you are a val...

List of Countries Offering Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2018

Wednesday, 02, February, 2022

If you’re looking for a list of countries offering visa on arrival for Indians, then look no further! There was a time when planning a holiday abroad meant first having to deal wit...